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Mezzanine Connectors Boost Density And Performance

Delivering ultra-high density to mezzanine applications while exhibiting next-generation, high-speed performance, the TwinMezz board-stacking connector packs 25 high-speed differential signal pairs in a square centimeter, or 161 signal pairs in a square inch of board area. A hermaphroditic design allows the connector to mate to itself, reducing the number of part variations needed to accomplish a range of different stack heights. Offerings include six different connector heights to offer 20 stack heights in the range of 12 mm to 40 mm. Options for two, four, or six differential signal pairs per column will provide capability for circuit counts ranging from 80 to 800 contact positions. Reportedly, the TwinMezz connectors exhibit well-matched impedance, low insertion loss, and low crosstalk. FCI USA INC., Etters, PA. (800) 237-2374.

Company: FCI USA INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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