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Micro Coax Connectors Ease Signal Routing In Portables

The myriad difficulties of routing signals through the punishing hinges of swivel-type cell phones are solved through use of a series of 0.40-mm (0.016-in.) pitch connectors from Molex. The Micro Coax connectors use insulation-displacement technology (IDT) to terminate the center conductor of ultra-thin 42 AWG coaxial cable. Competing coaxial systems use traditional hand-soldered terminations, which are less precise and reliable than IDT methods, in cell phones as well as in notebook PCs that require flexible circuit routing. The Micro Coax connector system also offers a “double-clamp” wire-grounding method for the outer conductor and cable jacket.

A second retention feature clamps into the cable insulation for firm mechanical wire retention. This method provides several key benefits over solder-bar types as well. It avoids the hazards of hardened wires and wire pull-out while saving up to 30 percent in wire diameters. It delivers consistent grounding between the circuits and the connector shell, increases signal-skew prevention, and provides up to 60 percent less signal loss at frequencies between 1 and 3 MHz. The Micro Coax connector system features shielded top-entry and right-angle surface-mount pc-board receptacles, and it’s rated at 0.2 A and 30 V.

Sample quantities cost from $2.50 to $3 each. Contact local Molex sales offices for pricing and availability.


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