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Micro-Stencil And Nozzle Eases BGA Rework

The micro-stencil is exactly the size of the part to ensure easy and accurate printing, with a camera and prism employed to view both the stencil and the pc board landing pad pattern simultaneously. This method lets the operator align the stencil very accurately and quickly to the pc board. Adjustment is fast and accurate in the X, Y and Z axes. A proprietary co-planarity adjustment is built in the stencil holder. A complete stencil change requires only a few seconds. A proprietary Micro Oven ensures even temperatures across the chip for safe, simultaneous reflow of all connections. The interchangeable hot gas directing nozzle is designed for the dimensions of the Micro BGA component to achieve optimal removal/replacement of parts. Combined low airflow and accurate measurement of the source air temperatures ensure an even temperature change beneath the Micro BGA component while minimizing adjacent reflow. This process can be monitored using an integral flying thermocouple, and firm's software controls temperature and times, changing settings while the profile is running if desired. Following the reflow cycle, the component is automatically lifted by an integral height adjustable vacuum pick-up mechanism.


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