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Micro Stepper Gets The Lead Out

The R208 micro-stepping driver is now available in a RoHS-compliant version. Sporting a compact in design, the component delivers up to 2A of phase current to any bipolar step motor and users have the option of setting the resolution to full step, half step, quarter step, and eighth step. It operates from a 12 to 24 Vdc supply and produces constant sinusoidal current waveforms. Additionally, the driver features optically isolated step, direction and disable inputs, built-in thermal shut down, and efficient current control features. Additional features include the ability to recognize step pulses from the controller from either the rising or falling edge and the ability to change the amount of holding current. A cutback current of 23% is the default setting, but can be changed to 100% of the run current via a dipswitch on the board. LIN ENGINEERING, Santa Clara, CA. (408) 919-0200.


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