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Microcontroller Beefs Up Flash Memory Storage

An 8-bit microcontroller, the LPC936 doubles the flash memory storage of a previous version, from 8 KB to 16 KB. The byte-erasable flash memory is used for programming and reprogramming at the factory or in the field. An on-chip real-time counter together with three other 16-bit counter/timers provide a range of timing functions. Also on-chip are a pair of ADCs that read two different signals simultaneously, eliminating the need for separate devices on a printed circuit board. Serial communication channels include a 400-kHz, byte-wide I2C bus, an enhanced UART and a serial peripheral interface (SPI). Instruction execution time is 167 ns with the processor running at a 12-MHz rate. Development support is provided through programmers, emulators and evaluation boards from a variety of manufacturers. The device is available in the TSSOP28 and HVQFN28 packages. Price is $1.99 each/10,000. ROYAL PHILIPS ELECTRONICS, San Jose, CA.


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