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Microcontroller's I2C Interface Handles Multiple Addresses

Look out, CAN. Microchip's 8-bit PIC16F690 now includes a Synch Serial Port (SSP) with an address mask. The SSP can handle multiple I2C packet addresses in hardware, much like controller-area network (CAN) controllers in other microcontrollers, including those from Microchip.

I2C has found a home in a number of environments, from AdvancedTCA board and system management to embedded system device networking. Software I2C solutions have been able to check for different packet addresses, but moving this feature into hardware significantly reduces system overhead. The SSP also handles the PMBus protocol.

The other communications interface on the PIC16F690 is the LIN-capable Enhanced Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (EUSART). LIN (local interconnect network) is popular in automotive and control applications, and it's often an adjunct to a CAN.

Pricing for the PIC16F690 starts at $1.78. It's available in 20-pin PDIP, SOIC, SSOP, and QFN packages. Microchip announced the PIC16F690 along with a host of other chips that are now available in a new 4- by 4-mm QFN package.


PIC16F690 Specifications
CPU 20 MHz
Flash 8 kbytes, 256 EEPROM
RAM 256 bytes
Clock 8-MHz on-chip oscillator
Timers low power with gate control;four-channel PWM
Analog 12-channel, 10-bit ADC;dual comparators with set-reset latch
Serial SPP with I2C and SPI support; serial port with LIN support
Power 9 µA at 32 kHz to 2.4 mA at 20 MHz
Package 20-pin PDIP, SOIC, SSOP, and 4- by 4-mm QFN
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