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Mid-Range Digital Scopes Boast Deep Memories, Fast Response

A family of mid-range digital oscilloscopes features deep acquisition memories and very fast response time. Agilent Technologies is aiming the new members of the Infiniium line at R&D applications in the communications, defense, and semiconductor industries.

Sample rates are 2 Msamples/s on all channels (4 Msamples/s interleaved) with memory depths of 2 Mpoints/channel (4 Mpoints for half-channel operation). Models include the two-channel 54830B and four-channel 54831B with 600-MHz bandwidths, as well as the four-channel 54832B with 1-GHz bandwidth. Optional memories permit acquisitions of up to 16 Mpoints/channel.

The company says its proprietary MegaZoom technology and an efficient memory-management system that never misses an event or undersamples a waveform eliminate slow responses and manual setups. Additionally, a Motorola motherboard and 866-MHz Pentium III processor with 256 Mbytes of RAM enhance performance. A CD-ROM drive on the back panel facilitates software upgrades.

PC connectivity is included as well. The scopes' architecture supports PC ports and devices, in addition to remote connectivity, file-sharing, and peripherals. With their Web-enabled operation, up to three users can simultaneously view and control the scopes' displays, perform design and debug operations, and collect document data.

Users can request the system to send an e-mail with a screenshot attachment when a trigger occurs. They can then access and control the scope from any PC with a Java-enabled Web browser.

The optional E5850A fixture allows time-correlated measurements between Infiniium 54800 scopes and Agilent's 16700 logic analyzers. This includes cross-triggering between instruments and combined waveform display. The option costs $2000.

Agilent also introduced a series of high-performance, but small and low-mass, probes for the 54800 scopes. The 1156A, 1157A, and 1158A feature bandwidths of 1.5, 2.5, and 4 GHz, respectively. Impedance is 100 k‡, and input capacitance is 0.8 pF. The 1156A is priced at $1695, the 1157A costs $2645, and the 1158A costs $4195. Also available are a two-channel 750-MHz probe and differential probes from 200 MHz to 1 GHz.

Pricing for the 54830B starts at $12,995. The 54831B starts at $17,995. And, the 54832B starts at $20,995. The 4- and 8-Mpoint memory options cost $2000 and $3500, respectively, for the 54830B and $4000 and $7000 for the 54831B and 54832B.

Agilent Technologies Inc., Test & Measurement Organization, (800) 452-4844, ext. 7589; fax: (888) 900-8921; www.agilent.com.

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