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Mid-Sized, 386-Based SBC Includes Full I/O Palette

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At a size of 5" x 5", the SBC0386EX single-board computer is a mid-sized unit that’s larger than a PC/104 board but smaller than an EBX board. As such, it’s said to represent a cost-effective basis for computer systems with additional on-board I/O. The unit includes an Intel 386EX CPU at 25 MHz or 33 MHz, 1 Mbyte of RAM and 512 kbytes of flash. It also offers COM1 and COM2 serial ports, 48 TTL I/O lines, eight 12-bit analog inputs, four 12-bit analog outputs, a 10Base-T Ethernet port, a real-time clock, three timers, interrupt and DMA controllers, and a watchdog timer. Any 8- or 16-bit PC/104 add-on card can be used with the unit. The board is optimized for real-mode programs, which can be created using any 16-bit compiler and downloaded to the board’s flash memory through a supplied serial cable.

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