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Milliohm Meter Delivers Precision Measurements

For low-resistance measurement chores in a range of production, safety, and design applications, the Cropico DO4A digital milliohm meter employs true 4-wire measurement to eliminate lead resistance errors across a push button selectable range from 40 mΩ to 4 kΩ with respective resolutions between 10 mΩ and 1Ω. Contained in an aluminum case with a tilted carrying handle, the unit's control functions have been kept to a minimum and a 4-digit LCD gives direct readings with over range and low battery indicators also on board. Other features include an auto zero function and warning LEDs to indicate an open circuit. Rechargeable batteries provide over 14 hours of continuous operation on the lowest ranges and 28 hours on the others. CLARE INSTRUMENTS US INC., Tampa, FL. (813) 886-2775.


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