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Mini Module Packs Audio, Dual Display And Ethernet Capabilities

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Among the many features packed on-board the EBC-5610 embedded module are simultaneous CRT and flat-panel (TFT & DSTN) display outputs, 10/100-Mbps Ethernet, AC97 audio, and TV out functions. To support these activities, the compact, 8'' x 5.75'' board employs: a Socket 370-based 66/100/133-MHz Celeron/Pentium III processor; a VIA Apollo Pro 133A system chipset; and a 168-pin DIMM socket that supports use of up to 512 MB of SDRAM. Two IDE devices and Ultra DMA/100 mode with data transfer rates up to 100 MB/s are also supported by the module. And the card's powerful set of I/O include three RS-232 ports, one 232/422/485 configurable as COM1/2/3/4 or disabled individually, dual USB, IrDA Tx/Rx, keyboard/mouse connector, and a DiskOnChip socket. The EBC-5610 also features a watchdog timer that can generate a system reset and a software-selectable time-out interval of from 32 seconds to 254 minutes. The EBC-5610 module has a starting price of $445. For more details, call Stewart Austin at ARISTA CORP., Fremont, CA. (510) 226-1800, ext. 112.

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