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Mini Sealed Keyboard Has Keys To Replicate Mouse Functions

Equipped with eight keys that replicate all mouse functions, the firm’s KIA6800 Series miniature sealed keyboard with Arrowmouse also provides full 101/104 key functionality. The keyboard is available in a fully sealed enclosure for workstation applications, and in an OEM version measuring just 8" x 5" and with a depth of less than 1 inch.The Arrowmouse provides port-compatible mouse functionality without the addition of hardware or software drivers, is drift free and is rated to provide millions of operations. The keyboard is NEMA 4 rated and is constructed from custom molded silicone keys with full 2-mm travel that provide excellent tactile feedback. Each key has hard gold-plated contacts for reliability. Key legends are fused into each key for long life and abrasion resistance. Applications include medical, process control, and NC machining.


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