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Mini SMT Inductors Can Be IR Or Vapor-Phase Soldered

Consisting of 16 parts embracing a wide range of inductance values, the SMI-2 Series of SMT inductors are targeted for use in high frequency switchmode and RF applications at various currents. Inductance values range from 10 mH at 2.57A to 560 mH at 0.25A. Tolerances are 20% for 10 to 47 mH inductance values and 10% for 56 to 560 mH values. Typically, the SMI-2 series measures 0.302'' x 0.276'' x 0.198'' high. With pads solder-masked to the core, the inductors can be IR or vapor-phase soldered directly to pc boards. Pricing is $0.75 each in production quantities. PREM MAGNETICS INC., Johnsburg, IL. (815) 385-2700.


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