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Mini Switch With Bi-Color LED Outfits Handhelds

Featuring a single multi-color-indication LED, the miniature SW43745 switch is targeted for use in handheld communication products, such as emergency help devices, as well as for emergency, industrial and avionics displays. The SPST, NO momentary switch packs a non-replaceable bi-color LED that allows users to remotely signal different status indication colors (i.e., red, green or yellow) based on the current flow to the LED circuit. It also has a 0.23'' frosted cover lens with a conical interior to focus the emitted light. The lightweight (about 4g) switch requires an operating pressure of 8 oz. ±4 oz. and is powered by 30 Vdc or 125 Vac, 2A resistive and 0.5A inductive. It can endure 100,000 actuations (min.) and is available for socket, harness or pc-board mounting. Price: $9.40 each/1,000. For more details, call Terry Trumbull at ELECTRO-MECH COMPONENTS INC., South El Monte, CA. (888) 442-7180, ext. 12.


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