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Mini Uncooled 10G DFB Lasers Have Driver IC On-Board

Targeting 10G transmission applications in which high-density mounting and power consumption are a concern, the NX8340 Series 10G AlGaInAs uncoolded distributed feedback (DFB) laser diodes are available in two new 17-pin butterfly packages: the NX8340MD pigtail version for 300-pin transponders; and the NX8340ME SC receptacle version for XENPAK and X2 and XPAK transceivers. Both versions are designed to be surface-mounted for ease of assembly. The size of the modules was reduced by eliminating the temperature control circuitry. And besides the laser diode, the modules include a monitor photodiode, thermistor, optical isolator, and a built-in laser driver IC. The new 1310-nm, directly-modulated laser diode modules feature pins for controlling and monitoring the laser bias and modulation current. For more details and pricing, contact CALIFORNIA EASTERN LABORATORIES, Santa Clara, CA. (408) 988-3500.


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