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Mini VGA Display Has Highly Integrated, Ultra-Thin Design

By using new tape-automated-bonding technology, the PM0149B LCD module has been developed that integrates several features in an ultra-compact package. These include a 320 x 240 pixel matrix (1/4-VGA) with a pixel pitch of only 0.23 mm x 0.23 mm, all of the necessary drive electronics, EL backlight and EL backlight dc/ac inverter. Also, the new, 92.2 mm high x 73.3 mm wide x 7.8 mm deep package doesn't need elastomers to connect the LC glass to the pc board.
Furthermore, the finer pitch employed by the TAB packaging allows the driver chips to be bonded directly to the edge of the glass, thereby maximizing the active viewing area and minimizing the inactive area around the display. Targeted for use in PDAs, GPSs and other handheld products, the lightweight (1.76 oz.) 1/4-VGA LCD also features low power operation (3.3V at 2.0 mA) and an anti-glare finish. Prices start at $50 each/1,000.


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