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Miniature Chip Inductors Slash Size, Boost Frequencies

Two families of multilayer ceramic and multilayer ferrite chip inductors include some of the industry's smallest high-frequency and general-purpose devices. Ceramic inductors come in chip sizes down to 0402. They offer high Q values at high frequencies and typical self-resonant frequencies of more than 6000 MHz (0603 and 0805 styles). For the 0402 size, typical self-resonant frequency ranges from 750 to 4000 MHz. Inductance values range from 1 to 100 nH. Typical Q values range from 10 to 23 at 100 MHz and from 21 to 63 at 800 MHz. Supplied in sizes down to 0603, the ferrite chip inductors enable significant pc-board space savings when compared with wire-wound alternatives. Inductance values for the ferrite devices range from 0.047 to 12 µH. Depending on the device chosen, typical self-resonant frequency ratings are between 320 and 15 MHz, and minimum Q values range from 10 to 50. Pricing starts at $0.08 each in quantities of 25,000 or more.

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