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Miniature Clip Affixes EMI/RFI Shielding To PCB Ground

Measuring just 0.040" wide x 0.20" long, the SMiT Mini-Shield Clip is designed specifically for use in small mobile devices, such as cell phones and pagers. It requires just half the pc board real estate of the firm’s standard SMiT Shield Clip, giving designers additional flexibility for creating ultra-compact RF shielding assemblies.Packaged on standard 12-mm tape format, the clip can be efficiently placed on the same high-speed automated equipment used for all other SMT components. It also can be placed on either the top or bottom of pc boards without requiring holes or consuming excess space. During a standard reflow process, the clip automatically self-aligns with the pad and wicks the molten solder into optimal solder fillets. This results in a mechanically sound mounting point for the RF shield without any additional soldering operations. The shield is simply inserted between the clip’s four independent spring contacts for a snug, reliable fit. Shields are also easily removed.


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