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Miniature microSD Connectors Come In Three Versions

The DM3 series of microSD card connectors come in three card-ejection versions and feature a metal cover attached at four points to the pc board to ensure a secure ground connection and EMI protection. The miniature size and unique card slot design that prevents damage from incorrect card insertion make the connectors well-suited for a number of space-restricted portable electronics applications requiring high reliability. Insulation resistance is 1000 megohms at 500 V dc, and contact resistance is 100 milliohms at 1 mA. Operating temperature ranges from -25°C to 85°C. The DM3AT/DM3BT “push-push” versions have a card-ejection travel of 4 mm for easy gripping of the card and an innovative tray-slide ejector mechanism, which prevents the card from being lost or dropped upon removal. The DM3C “hinge” connectors include a metal cover that guides the card during insertion and removal. Closing the cover confirms the electrical and mechanical connection with a tactile click. The connectors employ a unique contact design and card slide action that clean the contact areas of the card, further ensuring reliability. The third version, the DM3D “push-pull” card connectors, are equipped with a partial card insertion hold, which prevents the card from fall-out when only partially inserted. Similar to the DM3C hinge connectors, full insertion and electrical/mechanical connection is confirmed with a distinct tactile feel. HIROSE ELECTRIC CO. LTD., Simi Valley, CA. (805) 522-7958.



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