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Miniature Motors Pack Pre-Assembled Gearheads

The AXH series of 15W (1/50 HP), round shaft, 1.65'' brushless DC motors achieves a constant torque of 7.1 oz.-in. over the full speed range. The motors have pre-assembled gearheads, and the maximum gearmotor continuous torque ranges from 2 lb.-in. for the AXH015K-5 (5:1) to 17.7 lb.-in. for the AXH015K-100 (100:1). The AXH motors have a volume reduced by 50% when compared to conventional equivalent power AC induction speed control motors. And AXH board-level drivers provide the necessary equivalent electrical power with a 60% reduction in driver volume. The AXH Series motor and driver package has a speed regulation of ±1% maximum over a 30:1 speed range (100 rpm to 3,000 rpm). This maintains speed stability while reducing fluctuations. The systems meet the CE EMC directive and are UL and CUL approved. ORIENTAL MOTOR USA CORP., Torrance, CA. (800) 406-7484.


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