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Miniature Proximity Sensors Offer 5-mm Detection Range

With a sensing range of a full 5 mm when flush mounted, the Turck Q12 Uprox+ proximity sensors have the longest range among similar products on the market, according to the company. The Q12 devices measure only 12 by 40 by 26 mm and feature an integrated 45° connector to facilitate their use in restrictive spaces. The miniature sensors augment the company's existing line of Uprox+ sensors that detect all metals at the same rated sensing distance (see the Figure.

The Q12 devices come with the M8 picofast, M12 eurofast, or direct PUR cable connection. The components use a two-color LED that displays both operating voltage and dampened state. Uprox+ sensors incorporate coils on a pc board with staggered oscillator frequencies to avoid mutual interference. This lets designers mount Q12 sensors directly next to each other, fully flush, and embedded in metal. Uprox+ sensors are also highly resistant to electromagnetic interference and provide up to 250% higher sensing ranges than traditional ferrite core proximity sensors.

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