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Miniature SBC Eyes Portable Applications

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Measuring only 3.5'' x 5'', the All On One Little Guy single-board computer (SBC) is a lower power version of the company's All On One SBC and is said to be ideal for portable and other low power-applications. Operating at 5V at 150 mA typical, standby current is from 12 to 40 mA and sleep-mode current ranges from 60 to 90 mA. Other on-board features include memory in the form of ROM, Flash EPROM, DRAM, SRAM, or PCMCIA memory cards and a 14- MHz CPU using 286 or 386 commands. A PC/104 version that accepts 486 and Pentium processors is available. Extensive I/O includes a PC/104 connector. Two PCMCIA slots, two serial ports, support for two IDE devices, one parallel port, one SCSI port, and support for a floppy-disk drive. Single unit pricing is $495 and as low as $198 in OEM quantities.

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