Electronic Design

MIPS-Based Processing Module Doubles PCI Performance

The EnCore M3 provides a complete standards-based CPU subsystem on a small-form-factor module. MIPS-based, the M3 incorporates a 400-MHz MIPS32 Alchemy Au1500 chip from AMD, which features an integrated 32-bit, 66-MHz PCI bus interface. The module removes most of the processor-development overhead in creating embedded systems. It communicates with a custom logic board via a PCI interface and standardized I/O signals (Ethernet, serial, parallel, USB, and sound), essentially without regard to processor architecture. Also included is program storage with a choice of flash, IDE, or floppy. The EnCore M3 module costs under $300 in production quantities.

Ampro Computers Inc.
www.ampro.com; (800) 966-5200

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