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Mixed-Signal Oscilloscopes Rocket To 1 GHz

With Agilent's 54830 series 600-MHz to 1-GHz Infiniium mixed-signal oscilloscopes (MSOs), engineers can trigger on and view up to 20 (four analog plus 16 timing) time-aligned signals on one instrument. The scopes are designed for debugging complex designs while accelerating development times.

The instruments are built around a 1-GHz Pentium III processor with an ATX motherboard. Agilent's MegaZoom deep-memory technology enables the high-resolution observation of long serial data streams and the detection of buried details in complex waveforms. The 54830 devices have acquisition memory depths up to 16 Mbytes and sampling rates up to 4 Gsamples/s.

An analog-like front panel adds familiarity, and a Windows-based graphical user interface eases navigation. The system provides a bus-mode display, Web-enabled remote control, and e-mail on trigger capability.

A variety of options is available, including communication mask testing for industry-standard compliance. When used in conjunction with the 54832B/D 1-GHz oscilloscopes, active probes provide bandwidth up to 1 GHz. Small probe tips provide easy handling and enable probing in tight places. The USB 2.0 test option enables pre-compliance testing of low- and full-speed USB devices within the scope, running certified USB scripts with embedded Matlab. A voice-control option permits hands-free operation of the 54830 scopes. Wedge adapters and logic analyzer adapters can be ordered to probe complex digital signals.

All Infiniium MSO models ship standard with 2 Mbytes of MegaZoom deep memory per channel and can be upgraded to 4 or 8 Mbytes of deep memory per channel. The 54830D (600 MHz, 2 + 16 channels), 54831D (600 MHz, 4 + 16 channels), and 54832D (1 GHz, 4 + 16 channels) MSOs cost $15,995, $20,995, and $24,495, respectively. The 1156A 1.5-GHz active probe costs $1695, and the Communications Mask Test Kit costs $3090. The USB 2.0 test option costs $2055, and the voice-control option costs $510.

Agilent Technologies Inc.; www.agilent.com; (800) 452-4844, ext. 7745.

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