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Modular Contacts Get Female Counterparts

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The 70AA female Modular Contacts are a counterpart to the previously announced 70AA male Modular Contacts. As an off-the-shelf battery contact solution, the 70AA females eliminate costly custom design and also provide battery manufacturers with the same flexibility that the 70AA males offer board manufacturers. The 70AA male and female modular contacts share design characteristics such as end-to-end stackable configurations in 2 to 6 pin configurations. Because the male and female contacts are stackable beyond the standard 2 to 6 pin configurations, designers can add any number of contacts while retaining off-the-shelf flexibility and a 2.54 mm pitch. Applications are mobile phones, cordless phones, pagers, GPS, PICs, radios, PDAs, notebook PCs, rechargeable batteries, cameras, games, component-to-board, and more.

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