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Modular I/O Is Octal Serial PMC Module

product pic

Providing eight channels of high-performance asynchronous RS-232/422 serial channels for VME and cPCI boards with PMC sites, PMC-Octal Pro is designed for embedded applications such as machine control and computer technology. The modules provide two quad UART SCCs with a 128k FIFO buffer to allow the high performance communications. Interrupts are fully supported per channel, with four selection and programmable transmit/receive FIFO interrupt trigger levels. Up to 115.2 kbps is supported for RS-232 and up to 460.8 kbps for RS-422. A 7.3728-MHz standard oscillator is used to provide standard asynchronous baud rates with an on-board empty oscillator site available for custom baud rate generation. Baud rate software is configurable from 50 bps to 460.8 kbps via the built-in programmable baud rate generator.

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