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Modular Jacks Achieve Stackability, Speed

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These Category 5e Compact Modular Jacks are lauded for having a lower profile than the standard modjack for maximum pc-board stackability in one, two and four port variations. Applications for the modular jacks include networking equipment such as hubs, routers and switches. They handle Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Ethernet speeds while conforming to Compact PCI, Eurocard and Common Mezzanine Card Standards. Measuring 9.43 mm from the top of the pc-board to the top of the jack, the modjacks achieve optimal board stackability by sitting the bottom of the modjack flush with the bottom of the board, while adhering to the 2 mm creepage and clearance specification. Reduction in crosstalk means the RJ-45 configuration achieves Category 5e performance for Gigabit Ethernet applications with near end cross talk (NEXT) loss greater than 43 dB at 100 MHz. Enhanced panel grounding metal tabs on shielded versions create a ground path to the panel or metal bezel for maximum shielding performance. Internal ground tabs complete the circuit to ground for shielded cable and plug applications. With an operating temperature of -40°C to +85°C, the product comes in through-hole styles for wave soldering or high-temperature re-flow soldering and are UL and CSA approved. Pricing for the shielded single-port jack is $1.42 each/25,000. MOLEX INC., Lisle, IL. (800) 786-6549.

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