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Modular Jacks Stack To Save Space

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CompressorJack stacked modular connector offers high density and saves enclosure space in high-performance applications. The proprietary Category 5 compliant multi-port jack is intended for applications such as network hubs, switches and concentrators. A staggered port configuration allows the close placement of connectors in a side-by-side configuration for the highest possible port density. The design horizontally offsets the top and bottom rows of jacks to reduce the total height of the connector to 0.879". Mid-plane pc board placement further reduces above-the-board profile height to 0.637" and reduces the connector's footprint. The offset design allows through-panel venting without degrading the connector's shielding. The shielded 12-port version offers maximum EMI protection for high-speed network transmission. Enhanced tabs will not bend or get caught.

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