Electronic Design

Module Adds SATA To SUMIT

The VL-EPHs-S1 expansion module provides SATA interface capabilities for any SUMIT-based embedded system. It employs the SUMIT interface standard developed by the SFF-SIG. Based on the new SUMIT-micro format, the VL-EPHs-S1 mezzanine card measures 90 mm x 32 mm, one third the width of standard PC/104 modules. It provides SATA signals via the PCIe lane of the SUMIT-A connector. The on-board SATA controller supports two SATA drives in normal, RAID 0 (Fast), or RAID 1 (Safe) configuration and the two standard latching SATA connectors are compatible with traditional rotating drives, as well as solid-state SATA drives. Drivers are available for compatibility with most x86 operating systems including Windows, Windows Embedded, Linux, VxWorks, and QNX. Pricing is around $68 each in OEM quantities. VERSALOGIC CORP., Eugene, OR. (800) 824-3163.

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