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Module Amplifies Detected Light

Easily integrated into PLCs and data acquisition systems for gathering light measurements without a radiometer or photometer, IL A430 Detector Amplifier is a board module that provides photodetector current amplification and 0 to 5 vdc output for connection to any data acquisition device. Gain is adjustable from 10 nA to 50 mA full-scale with built-in threshold monitoring for alarm functions. Requiring 5 to 9 vdc power, this module has an LED that indicates when power is applied without input optics connected. With the detector plugged in and power applied, the LED will turn off at 60% of the gain setting. With the LED lighted, current draw is 7.3 mA and for IL vacuum photodiodes a 5 vdc bias voltage is available. AT THE SITE: photos and product descriptions.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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