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Module Eases Keypad Interfacing

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The MEMKey is a fully programmable keypad encoder that supports either a serial communication protocol or the standard PC/AT protocol by setting a jumper. In either mode, the unit can decode key matrixes of up to four columns by five rows, which can be programmed to match the row-column configuration of any off-the-shelf keypad.
Using the serial protocol, communication rates are up to 2.4 kb/s, 8N1, LSB first, asynchronous, over either a one- or two-wire interface. The module also includes 64 bytes of EEPROM memory, made available to the user as scratch-pad space.
Measuring 1.6" x 2.23" in a SIP module, the MEMKey can be directly inserted into circuit boards for production runs or breadboards for prototyping. Single-unit price is $36.

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