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Module Eases Voice Recognition Integration

Promising easy integration of voice recognition (VR) into consumer, industrial, automotive, and medical electronics, the VR Stamp module employs the company’s RSC-4128 8-bit microcontroller. The MCU is integrated within a voice-recognition system on chip that contains 16-bit a/d and d/a converters, digital filtering, RAM, ROM, output amplification, timers, and comparators. With a few hardware-interfacing additions, any electronic product can recognize and speak with the VR Stamp. Other features include flash memory, serial EEPROM, main clock, and real-time clock crystals. The module is housed in a 40-DIP and can act as a speech recognition slave or as the primary host controller. For development support, the VR Stamp Toolkit includes two modules, Quick T2SI-Lite and Quick Synthesis software, a C-Compiler, and a programming board. Price for the toolkit is $495. Sensory Inc., Santa Clara, CA. (408) 327-9000


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