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Module Interfaces Ethernet To Modbus

The Model 8099 Ethernet to Modbus interface, groomed for controlling Modbus RTU devices over a network or the Internet, allows control of temperature chambers and other Modbus devices as if they were VXI-11.3 or LXI instruments. It provides Modbus RTU packets to adapt Modbus slave devices to a TCP/IP network. Users send simple read-write messages over the network to control and query slave devices and the 8099 does all of the Modbus RTU packet formatting and handles the response packets. The unit offers both RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces, allowing direct connection to a single Modbus slave or to multiple devices via an RS-485 network. The interface comes with the VXI-11 Keyboard utility program and Configuration Utility. The Configuration Utility lets users set the board's IP Address mode, IP Address, COMM Timeout, KeepAlive, and interface name while the VXI-11 Keyboard provides interactive control. Both utilities run on WIN32 PCs. Available in the company's small Minibox case, single-unit price for the Model 8099 is $495. ICS ELECTRONICS, Pleasanton, CA. (925) 416-1000.


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