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Module Packs 32 Narrowband Receiver Channels

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Called the Model 6232 single-slot COTS software radio solution, this addition to the company's Velocity Interface Mezzanine (VIM) family combines 32 narrowband receiver channels, FPGA technology, and a high-speed, front-panel data port (FPDP) interface. Also introduced is the Model 9190, a clock and synchronization generator that supports large systems with up to 80 separate VIM modules. With dual FPDP interfaces operating at 160 MB/s, the Model 6232 receiver accepts four 16-bit digital inputs on two front-panel FPDP connectors at data rates up to 40 MHz. It also includes eight Graychip GC4016 quad narrowband digital-receiver chips, each with four independently tuned receiver channels and each accepting up to three16-bit or four14-bit parallel inputs. With a 40-MHz input data clock, each channel is capable of output bandwidths ranging from 2 kHz to 1 MHz with independent center frequency tuning from dc to 20 MHz. The model 9190 connects directly to any combination of the company's 6210, 6211, 6216, 6229, 6230 and 6232 VIM modules and mounts directly into standard equipment racks. With 80 clock and synchronization outputs, the board can drive two fully populated card cages, each with two VIM modules installed in up to 20 slots. Pricing for the Model 6232 starts at $11,995, which is said to drop the cost for digital receivers and DSP below $900 per channel. The Model 9190 has a starting price of $5,995.

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