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Module Performs Strain Gauge Measurement Via Ethernet

Adding to the 2600 series smart I/O modules, the 2612 allows simultaneous measurement of up to four 350 strain gauges per module. Two voltage sense lines for the bridge input provide a true 6-wire measurement with a 200-nV resolution at 6 Hz. The module integrates a microcontroller that provides I/O services to the remote 2601 client via a CAT-5 Ethernet cable, which supplies isolated serial communication and power to the 2612 microcontroller. Other features include automatic standardization circuitry that periodically measures on-board reference standards to update the gain and offset of each channel and a14-bit a/d converter. The 2612 comes with Linux and Windows drivers, demo applications, and a LabVIEW interface. Price for a single unit in an enclosure is $395. For more details, contact Caleb Streur at SENSORAY COMPANY INC., Tigard, OR. (503) 684-8005.


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