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Module Simplifies Evaluation Of Color Light-To-Frequency Converter

With the TCS230EVM module, design engineers can quickly evaluate the TCS230 programmable color light-to-frequency converter. The TCS230EVM package contains a lens module with a white LED illuminator, a parallax Board of Education (BOE) module and programmed BASIC Stamp, and PC host software. The BASIC Stamp provides the interface between the TCS230 output and the PC serial port. And Windows software is used to display the converter's RGB (red, green, blue) output values and to allow users to view the color detected by the module in both RGB and HSV (hue, saturation, value) color space. In addition, the BOE provides a breadboard area and additional connections for prototype circuitry, allowing the EVM to be used as a complete development platform for systems using the TCS230 RGB color sensor. TCS230EVM is priced at $150 each plus shipping and handling costs. For more details, call Carlo Strippoli at TEXAS ADVANCED OPTOELECTRONIC SOLUTIONS, Plano, TX. (972) 673-0759.


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