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Modules Available In MicroPGA Packages

The 0.05 in.2 Few-Chip Modules (FCMs) feature a high circuit density in a low profile micro pin grid array (MicroPGA) package that offers low inductance for high speed applications. This package format provides socketing with interconnect density up to 400 I/O per square inch. It was recently used to create a 603-pin module that plugs into the standard ZIF sockets on a server's motherboard and allows thermal testing of the system without using live microprocessors. FCMs can also be designed to socket expensive or fine pitch SMT components and to limit the high layer and high density of pc boards to FCMs rather than the entire motherboard. The company can manufacture microPGA modules with active or passive devices on top and any pin geometry on the bottom. Modules are available priced from $0.01 per I/O, with the exact price depending on volume and complexity of design.

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