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Modules Meld High-Density FPGAs With High-Speed Analog Conversion Circuits

A pair of data acquisition modules have been developed to provide designers with the ability to freely mix-and-match FPGAs, DSPs and data acquisition interfaces. The Heron-IO1 module supports two 12-bit, 105-MHz analog inputs with programmable gain control and a 200K-gate, Spartan-II FPGA clocked at up to 180 MHz, while the Heron-IO2 provides two 12-bit, 105-MHz analog inputs, two 14-bit, 125-MHz analog outputs, and a choice of a 200K-gate Spartan-II FPGA clocked at up to 180 MHz or a 1M-gate Virtex-ii FPGA clocked at up to 485 mHzÑboth field programmable gate arrays are made by Xilinx Inc. The modules form software-programmable analog front-ends capable of sustaining very high analog I/O bandwidths, as well as delivering real-time processing options, such as filtering, decimation, FFTs, and down-conversions. The Heron-IO1 and -IO2 modules, as well as TI's TMS320C6000 DSP processors and a wide range of other data acquisition and I/O options, are available in Hunt Engineering-designed Heron DSP systemsÑup to four of the 4" x 2.5" modules can be fitted onto a PCI-based Heron carrier board. The modules have a starting price of $2,800 each. For more information, contact Steve Bradshaw at TRAQUAIR DATA SYSTEMS INC., Ithica, NY. (607) 266-6000, ext. 21.

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