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Molding Material Slashes Processing Costs

Said to eliminate as many as 15 steps in the production process, PolyTect Soft Molding is a new engineering grade polymer for over-molding fully-populated pc boards. The material allows for a one-step process that molds a single piece, replacing the typical application consisting of a two-piece plastic housing and conventional potting.
It can be used to protect fully populated pc boards without degrading components. Additionally, it can be molded into intricate shapes with screw holes and mounting bosses. The material has a molding temperature and internal mold pressure of 150°C/600 psi and the finished molding unit can withstand temperatures to 185°C. The material is tamper-proof, compatible with all solder joints and provides good chemical resistance. Pricing is $10,000.

Company: AVX CORP. - Sales & Marketing Department

Product URL: Click here for more information

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