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MOSFET Driver Portfolio Expands

Expanding the NCP portfolio of power MOSFETs, the NCP4421 (inverting) and NCP4422 (non-inverting) single output MOSFET drivers provide virtually latch-up proof operation and operate at 9A peak. The devices are fabricated in CMOS for lower power, more efficient operation compared to bipolar drivers and are equipped with Schmitt trigger inputs to provide noise immunity and eliminate the need for speed-up capacitors at the input. These power MOSFET drivers can also be used as shifters, comparators, wave shapers, and pulse transformer drivers. Applications include computer motherboards, network server boards and electronically controlled high-end white goods. Both devices have a logic input that will withstand a negative swing of up to 5.0V without damage. Available in DIP-8 and five-pin TO-220 packages, the NCP4421T and NCP4422T in TO-220-5 packages cost $3.05 each/10,000, while the NCP4421P and NCP4422P in DIP-8 packages are priced at $3.10 each/10,000.


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