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MOSFET Packaging Frees Up More Space On The Board

Dubbed PowerPAK, a new packaging technology claims to enable the manufacture of power MOSFETs with a thermal resistance of less than 1°C/W, or approximately the same as a twice-as-large, twice-as-thick DPAK power MOSFETs. By comparison, thermal resistance is 16°C/W for a single-channel, standard SO-8.
The PowerPAK power MOSFETs include devices in the SO-8 size and also in a 1212-outline, 8-pin package with on-resistance performance comparable to many devices in the TSSOP-8, but with a 48% smaller footprint, an 11% thinner height profile, and a thermal resistance of less than 2°C/W. Thermal resistance is 34°C/W for the standard TSSOP-8 package.


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