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Motherboard Makes For High-End Embedded Systems

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Designed for use with standard PC components such as synchronous DRAM DIMMs and PCI option cards, the AlphaPC 264DP motherboard is a cost-effective means of developing high-performance embedded computing systems. The board offers PCI and ISA slots, an on-board PCI IDE, a dual-port ultrawide SCSI controller and 16 SDRAM DIMMs for access to up to 4 Gbytes of memory.The main board contains the system chipset, main memory and all I/O logic. Each daughtercard contains a 500-MHz Alpha 21264 microprocessor and L2 cache memory. One or two daughtercards may be used for single or dual processor configurations. Included on the board is BIOS firmware for support of Windows NT and UNIX operating systems.The 264DP board is said to provide a dramatic performance edge in embedded applications such as CAT systems, MRI equipment, telecommunication switches and simulators.

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