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Motherboard Promises Application Longevity

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Based on the Intel 440BX chipset and supporting Celeron processors up to 500 MHz, the ATX-C440 is offered to industrial and embedded markets as a standard ATX motherboard that will be available for up to five years with consistent form and features. The board supports embedded features such as a watchdog timer, an EEPROM, industrial-grade latching connectors, ac power failure detection, flash-disk support, and support for static RAM. Other features include a 66 MHz bus, up to 256 MB of SDRAM, one 16-bit ISA slot, three 32-bit PCI slots, one 2X AGP slot, a 15W per channel PCI sound system, two USB ports, two RS-232 ports (RS-485 is optional), one enhanced parallel port, a dual floppy-disk port, and two independent Ultra DMA-33 EIDE ports. Equipped with a 400-MHz processor, the motherboard is priced at $420 each/100.

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