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Motherboard SouthBridge Chip Packs Serial ATA And RAID Support

The VT8237 SouthBridge chip for Intel, AMD, and VIA processor-based motherboards includes what its manufacturer calls the industry's first integrated multiconfiguration serial ATA/RAID controller. By integrating the features on the motherboard logic chip, the company hopes to drive serial ATA hard-disk-drive technology and RAID into the mainstream. The VT8237 handles four distinct application segments. The VIA DriveStation Controller Suite boasts native support for two 150-Mbyte/s serial ATA channels and RAID. The VIA advanced connectivity suite supports eight USB 2.0 ports and a 10/100-Mbit/s local-area-network interface. The VIA Vinyl multichannel audio suite offers on-board high-quality sound and up to eight output channels. And, the VIA modular architecture platform (V-MAP) provides maximum flexibility to motherboard manufacturers.

VIA Technologies Inc.
(886) 2-2218-5452

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