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Motherboards Bring 100-MHz Speed To Desktops

Featuring 100-MHz system bus support for workstation-class desktop PCs, these low-cost Slot 1 Pentium II system boards with Intel's 440EX chipset for consumer-driven sub-$1000 systems include the Trinity 100 AT (S1590S) for Socket 7 CPUs, the Tsunami AT (S1830S/SL) with 440BX AGPset for Pentium II CPUs to 400 MHz and beyond, or Celeron CPUs, and the Tigercub ATX (S169SA) with Intel 440EX AGPset for Intel Pentium II and Celeron CPUs. All three boards provide end-users with the processing power to use next-generation peripheral with AGP, PCI expansion slots, and UltraDMA/33 support.

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