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Motion Controller Boasts Low Cost & Ease Of Use

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Offered as being both low in cost and easy to program, the PLG200 single-axis motion controller uses Windows 95/98-compatible software and interfaces with all standard two- and five-phase stepping-motor drivers and motors. This controller is also claimed to be ideal for programming single-axis human/machine interface operations and interfacing with other operations of a complex multi-axis system.
Features include three general-purpose inputs that allow the controller to receive signals from switches, opto-sensors, and PLCs. Pluggable terminals and RS-232 communications are also provided.
The board offers two basic operation modes: programming mode and run mode. Programs up to 150 lines can be entered including 32 sets of motion parameters. Measuring 3.1" x 2.6" x 0.9", the devive also includes two opto-isolated outputs rated at 150-ma each.

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