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Motor Controller Exploits Dual Processor Architecture

Delivering rotational speeds from 0 to 30,000 rpm, the TA620 spindle controller relies on a dual-processor architecture for control and accuracy. The dual processor divides tasks between host communications and control-algorithm processing, making the controller suitable for use in semiconductor processing equipment and disk drive test systems. Employable with ac and dc brushless motors, the unit features a 100-µs servo update rate, high acceleration/deceleration, trapezoidal, S-curve, velocity, and custom move profiles. Its GUI, scripting language software, and three-character programming language provide over 110 available commands. Setup and diagnostics are via a USB 2.0 connection and specific parameters of multiple applications can be stored in onboard EEPROM. Specs include a position range of ±2,147,483,648 counts per move (32 bit), velocity range of ±655,360,000 counts per second, and an acceleration range of ±655,360,000 counts per second. Additional features include dedicated I/Os for interlock and clamps, eight I/Os, four position-capture inputs, and emergency-stop circuitry. The controller measures 177.8 mm x 171.5 mm x 289.6 mm, weighs 9.1kg, and is designed for panel mounting. TRUST AUTOMATION, San Luis Obispo, CA. (805) 544-0761.


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