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Motorized Card Reader Size Reduced

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With dimensions of 70 mm wide x 145 mm deep x 36 mm high, the V2AF hybrid card readers are among the industry's smallest motorized readers. V2AFs can read ISO tracks 1, 2 and/or 3, as well as JISII magnetic stripes. And they support T=0, T=1 and EMV 3.1.1 chip card protocols, as well as memory cards with Siemens 4442, 4428 and 4432 chips. Downloadable firmware allows easy updates of basic card reader functionality and additional IC card protocols from a host computer. Direct connection to the IC card's contacts via an edge connector is available on specific models. The single-port RS-232 interface enables easy integration with other devices and eliminates the need for additional interface board commonly required with motorized readers to support IC cards. Communication speeds are up to 38.4 kbps. Other features are power failure detection, supply voltage of 12 vdc, ±10%, operating temperature range of 5º to 50º C, and life expectancy of 1.2 million single card passes under the read head.

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