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Motion Controllers Provide RS-232 And Ethernet Communications
The single-axis controllers in the DMC-1416 Econo series include an integrated PWM amplifier. They feature an extra encoder input for electronic gearing, program memory with multitasking, and uncommitted I/O. Also, they provide RS-232 and Ethernet communications. Designers program them through two-letter, intuitive commands and a full set of software tools. Also, designers can select point-to-point positioning, jogging, contouring, electronic gearing, and ecam modes of motion.

The DMC-1416-Brush can drive a brush-type motor up to 12 A continuous at 60 V, while the DMC-1416-Brushless can power a brushless motor at up to 6 A continuous at 60 V. Both support the ModBus protocol for communication with I/O devices. They accept up to 12-MHz encoder frequencies for servos and 3 MHz for steppers. Multitasking capabilities support concurrent execution of two application programs. Forward and reverse limits and home input are included as well.

The DMC-1416-Brush costs $995 in single quantities and $845 in 100-unit quantities. The DMC-1416-Brushless costs $1095 in single quantities and $895 in 100-unit quantities.

Galil Motion Control Inc., 203 Ravendale Dr., Mountain View, CA 94043; (800) 377-6329; fax (650) 967-1751; www.galilmc.com.

Two-Axis Stepper Motor Controller Eases Motion-Profile Programming
The NPMC-5023-2ISA board uses the PCL-5023 high-speed pulse-generator chip to control stepper motors. It has an ISA bus, two-axis, high pulse rate (4.9 Mpulses/s) for microstepping. S-curve ramp up and ramp down, encoder feedback units, and linear interpolation are included as well. Designers can use it to program motion files. Its software uses Windows for quick setup and testing.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Nippon Pulse Motor Co., 1047 Norwood St., Ste. B, Radford, VA 24141; (540) 633-1677; www.pulsemotor-usa.com.

Parallel-Shaft AC Gearmotors Come With Up To 341 lbs. Of Output Torque
The Pacesetter parallel-shaft ac gearmotors are available in nine models in two frame sizes, 32 and 42, from 1/6 to 3/8 HP. These models also feature up to 341 lbs. of output torque. They're designed for 230-V three-phase input and rated for constant-torque output with drive frequencies varying from 10 to 90 Hz. Fan cooling and finned aluminum center rings give these gearmotors high thermal efficiency.

Their Quintsulation five-stage insulation system immunizes them from life-shortening effects caused by some inverter applications. Compared to brush motors, these motors are maintenance free, and they eliminate the downtime associated with brush replacement. They can be used in conveyors, factory automation, packaging equipment, and other types of specialty machinery.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Bodine Electric Company, 2500 W. Bradley Pl., Chicago, IL 60618-4798; (800) 7-BODINE; www.bodine-electric.com.

Motion Controllers Provide Four Axes For Stepper Control
The multi-axis motion controllers in the Unidex 500 family come in two bus formats: PCI and ISA. The Base, Plus, and Ultra models are available in each format. These controllers are built on the 56300 family of DSP controllers, providing fast servo loop and motion-control functionality. They also offer up to four axes of synchronized servo control and four axes of stepper control.

Specifically, the U500 PCI includes up to eight axes of motion control per card. It features a 240-MIPS DSP with single instruction per clock-cycle execution. Also, it boasts 48 digital I/O points, up to 5 Mbytes of on-board memory, a 62.5-µs minimum servo update, a 32-MHz input data rate, and high-speed position-synchronized output for laser firing or data acquisition.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Aerotech Inc., 101 Zeta Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15238-2897; (412) 963-7470; fax (412) 963-7459; www.aerotechinc.com.

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