Electronic Design

Mounting Kits Support PC/104 And PC/104+ Modules

Engineered to ease assembly of modules and multi-board stacks, the company’s PC/104 and PC/104-Plus kits may be used with any of the more than one hundred different PC/104 modules available in the marketplace. The PC/104 hardware mounting kits include all the hardware required to mount a single-board and is supplied with #4-40 threaded spacers, #4-40 x 1/4 screws, and nuts.  For kits with brass components, request Catalog #8799-4; for kits with Aluminum components request Catalog #6799-4; for kits with Stainless Steel components request Catalog #5799-4; and for kits with Nylon components request Catalog #4799-4. KEYSTONE ELECTRONICS CORP. Astoria, NY. (800) 221-5510.

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