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MPEG 2 Codec Revs Up Video For PC/104 Systems

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Offered as the first MPEG2 codec for PC/104 systems, the Model 512 video I/O board decodes full-frame compressed video at up to 30 frames/s. The board can perform MPEG 2 and 1 hardware compression and decompression of both PAL and NTSC video. The compressed video bitstream can be used to transmit 30 frames/s of video over 100 Base-T Ethernet. In addition, the board loops the video input back to the output circuit to allow for easy camera adjustments. Other features of the video board include 16-bit PCM audio input and output, a DOS driver with Linux under development, and three bi-directional TTL level I/O lines. The board also supports variable rate, constant-bit rate, and composite and S-video inputs and outputs.

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